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Amazing colors and light visuals drawn to air with special designed equipment! Changing colors and shapes even logos, company names and slogans with the beat of the music and movement of the dancers. This is led technology taken to the next-level!

Katra performs with world-renowned show group Uniflow which combines impressive, skilled and highly-visual glow show spiced up with energetic tricking acrobatics and spineless contortion. Uniflow has been seen around the world from Singapore to Sao Paolo and together with international agency Phoenix Firedancers they have created amazing and breath-taking full-length theatrical show spectacles.

Katra is a radiating show performer and can illuminate the event with her multiple pixel hoop and poi solo act. If you are looking something especially for weddings and engagement parties, try heart-warming, skilled and visual duo show Lumina Romance. For big stages and spectacles, Uniflow is your number one choise!

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